Bicara Contoh Amat Sangat Bagus

Bicara ContohSangat Bagus – Talk Benefits Yang Amat Very Good – I woke up, and I saw ¬† an surrounds my bed. Their eyes look puffy, like a man who’d flooded with tears. I right? “I say.


But when I went to get up, pain in the spine come again. This cerpen menyedihkan time I really could not move. I like exposed paralyzed. And I saw tears ¬†increasingly poured. I’m confused. Why ma.


I gredvc fine solicitation .. “I said. But all fixed cables. Like do not hear my voice hoarse. moti viondsrsd I my body is very painful if I move. Why mama at papa cry? ddf dgdrsd ..” I continued with the tears that began to drip. you wait yaa deck .. “Said in the house What do you mean. Whathas happened to me? =This time. spoke up.


Olivia had to be strong ya..Olivia must promise not going contoh cerpen singkat ninggalin we’re all here .. ” says Dad. I why pa? Am I sick? ” I said, responding to the words daes. spinal cancer Connect dear.

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