Masih Banyak Cara Alami Yang Bagus

Masih Banyak Cara Alami Yang Bagus – Still Many Ways Natural Good – Since sever our relationship, he rarely contacted. Telephone and sms-smsku not in indahkannya.


still busy with his selfishness were not thinking of me here-that they expect him back in pelukku. But again and again, I could only cry.  oliv.. you thinking about . . obviously only


. “Words you’ll actually sicker liv ..” He continued. I took a deep breath. I do not care I t..u dear I still ngarepin he returned I said as tears. Yeah I  you should not rich t under your eyes dark circles.


you often sleep midnight yaa worry. was really a life I’ve ngerubah he went in as I really love  absolutely not thinking about the feeling I Gin..aku not strong I’m weak without him .. ” I said, still with tears unraveled.


hug me she knew exactly my situation very lemat then. And suddenly I felt very painful spine. As hit by very strong wood. Until the pain was lethal consciousness. I fainted.

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