Cari Puisi Baik

Cari Penyebab Yang Membuat Tidak Baik – I cry. I saw’s face wet with tears. And he developed a bitter smile at me. Ya..dia are hypocrites. He was still able to smile covering his grief.

From her I beljar rigid facing any problem. I saw everyone in the room was the middle of the silent tears that continued to speak. I tried to smile.  yes, not have to cry  will  this disease, so I remain Puisi cinta Terbaik here at you semua..kalian do’ain I yaa” I said.We certainly do’ain you dear” says Mom. In prayer  you always present liv .

said still with a bitter smile. I’ll  do not automatically sad fate ya..aku go because I’ve already ngatur semuanya..dan aku..Tuhan .. I’m sure God will give me more substitutes better than me .

I said with tears on the wane. We all certainly oliv..oliv strong affection through all Olivia is a girl who believe it ..” said. are people who believe that I am strong. And indeed, from childhood until now, lah Puisi sahabat sejati which makes me believe, made me stronger and made me into a person.

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