Salah Satu Puisi Dalam

Salah Satu Puisi Dalam – I nodded quickly. Suddenly kissed my forehead. And at that moment, hundreds of balloons seen hovering in the sky. I stare at him.

I was very fond of the balloon. But it looks very beautiful balloon, because in it there are colorful lights. Nice balloon banget..ini all .. “I said as I looked at the switch.

Yes, these are all brother siapin create adek” said puisi guru a satisfied smile. I smiled and kept clutching the man’s hand. Already a month I was treated in hospital. It was on september.

Today it is a special day for me. Today it was my birthday at the same day that my relationship with the first step on the moon. I smiled smugly that day. I feel happiness very pro me.

Shortly thereafter, papa and mama to surprise me with a huge cake brought a nice purple cake !! did not want to miss, they brought me a stuffed Winnie the pooh big favorite. did not want to miss, he puisi ibu brought me a cake decorated with Winnie The Pooh and purple balloons. It was so much happiness can not forget.

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